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                              European Trainee Program - Buildings Business


                              Get to know Buildings Business and Schneider Electric from the inside as an International Trainee!  Below you can read testamonials of people who have already tried it.


                              Henrik Nilsson - trainee 2009/2010

                              Henrik Nilsson, trainee 2009-2010, European Trainee Program, Schneider Electric

                              "For me the Schneider Electric Buildings Business Trainee Program felt like the perfect fit and I had no doubts about applying for the position. My background is in Industrial Engineering and Management with a focus on marketing/sales and energy systems and then what's better than working as a Business Developer in the Energy Services sector?!

                              I really liked the set up of the trainee program. To start with, it felt good that I was hired for a specific position since it made it possible to take the full year to prepare and learn as much as possible for the upcoming job as a Business Developer. I also enjoyed the mix between classes and assignments alongside practical work in close contact with senior employees. It really gave me a chance to learn the necessary theoretical background at the same time as I got experience from customer meetings and other business activities.

                              Schneider Electric is a truly global company and I got the chance to visit our American business, something that gave me valuable international experience. The trainee program has an international touch and during my year we were trainees from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Beside valuable knowledge about the company, our processes and our different markets I made some really good friends and colleagues!"


                              Jaano Juhmen - trainee 2009/2010

                              Jaano, trainee

                              "As a recent graduate I was looking for an international company that has a main focus on energy and environment and that has a great company culture. The ES-trainee program seemed to fill most of these criterias.

                              The ES-trainee program was combination of theoretical knowledge and having smaller responsibilities in real projects. The program gave us opportunity to learn and understand the complexity of our business model from different perspectives; from sales to follow-up and doing it in different countries. During the trainee period I was working and learning 3 months in Sweden, 3 months in the USA and rest of the time in Norway. As a trainee I was taken seriously and the organization supported you to challenge the old ways of doing things in order to be innovative and stay ahead of the competitors. This also creates an unique culture inside the company that is open and supportive. By looking back, it has been a great year from learning and contributing point of view but more importantly from all the interesting people I have worked with along the way."

                              Daniel Eriksson - trainee 2009/2010

                              Daniel Eriksson, trainee 2009-2010, European Trainee Program, Schneider Electric

                              "To work for a company and within a business that aim at making energy usage more efficient is a very satisfying feeling for me. I believe that energy usage is one of the most important issues that we need to deal with in the future hence to increased living standards and climate changes. To work with a business model that addresses these issues and delivers high value to our customers is very stimulating and inspiring. My experience from the trainee program is that it focuses on both a career development but also a personal development that I will carry with me where ever I go. As an example I want to mention the Mentor program within the trainee program that I appreciate a lot, it gives me a chance to continuously talk about thought and issues with my experienced mentor. The combination of training courses and on-the-job training during the program has been a very good start on my professional career and it had helped me to be well prepared for my role as a business developer. Schneider Electric is a global company and the possibilities to work in different regions of the world are extensive. Good luck!"


                              Filippa Persson - trainee 2007/2008

                              Filippa Persson, trainee 2007/2008

                              “The trainee year was for me the perfect way to translate the theoretical knowledge I got from university into practical knowledge in knowing what I can use it for in real life. That is such a good start in the career. But more importantly, it was a lot of fun! The trainee group and our coordinator made good friends and no assignment seemed too hard to solve together. And the fact that it was an international group of people with different backgrounds made it even more interesting and inspiring.

                              The trainee program was varied with both assignments, tasks and practical working experiences and that mixture was great. We got to learn about the organization, its employees, its processes, products and our own future work positions. We knew already before the program what our positions would be afterwards, this set a goal which for me made the learning path very clear and logical. During the training we also got to know the other employees since many of the lectures were taught by experts within the organization. We were also mixed into different working teams were we got some specific areas of responsibility. This whole set up made it very easy to feel like an important part of the company directly.

                              I definitely encourage you to apply for the trainee program; it will give you a great start in your career and I am sure you will enjoy it a lot.”


                              James Williams - trainee 2007/2008

                              James Williams, trainee 2007/2008

                              “I had an unforgettable year as an International Trainee with TAC and one which I will never forget. Having graduated from University I had spent a long time researching potential graduate schemes and my search ended when I found TAC’s International Trainee Program.

                              The first two months I spent in Stockholm learning about TAC, the market and the people. This unique and privileged insight was the perfect introduction and my fellow trainees very quickly became my friends. I then spent three months at the TAC Americas Head Office in Dallas – where Energy Solutions is now long-established and the hands-on experience I obtained during this time really added to the rounded and full view that you can only get from the Trainee Program.

                              And now, only a few months after graduating, I am now Project Managing the UK’s first major Detailed Energy Audit – which is a massive responsibility – but one that the Trainee Program has given me the confidence and the ability to do.”


                              Olle Alvemark - trainee 2007/2008

                              Olle Alvemark, trainee 2007/2008

                              “I spent the last year at university thinking about what the next step should be, what I wanted to work with. There were several opportunities to choose from and just as many different advises. I looked mainly at management consultant firms and different trainee positions. I choose TAC and the trainee program due to the possibilities. The different work opportunities, international experience and exiting business concept is important for me and combined with a great work environment it makes a perfect match for me.

                              The trainee year gave me an broad insight to the company and prepared me well for my current position as a business developer. The mix between classes and field work was a great way of learning the complex business that we do and get me ready for my future career at TAC.”

                              Elina Samila - trainee 2006/2007

                              "Starting as an international trainee in the summer of 2006 was full of excitement. Meeting new people and getting to know the company. Warm company culture was visible from very first day. The training was very professional and offered insight on the company, technology, markets and the whole business in full. Training offered possibilities on personal development as well as professional from the best in business, own company experts.

                              Working with TAC is unique opportunity especially due to the nature of business. Showing people how they can affect their facilities and make environmental impact at the same time, is very rewarding. I am helping municipalities to “green” their facilities by working as a Business Developer in Finland.

                              For future trainees a small advise: take every opportunity to learn about your position and how different people affect the sale. Utilize the resources you have available and search for new ideas. Welcome to TAC!"

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                              Jeremy Palmer - trainee 2006/2007

                              Jeremy Palmer, trainee 2006/2007

                              “The main focus when looking for a job after graduation was a company that would offer me something I could be passionate about, be challenged and develop both personally and professionally. The TAC International trainee programme offered me these opportunities. Spending time in the UK, Sweden and Dallas gave me a broad understanding of how a global company works, the different cultures that exist within it and enabled me to build networks, all of which has been invaluable. Although my role is business development manager in the UK the training was much wider to give me a much better founding for my career at TAC.

                              The culture in particular at TAC is something that I have not experienced in any other company and is to be commended. The people are open and friendly and are always looking to help. TAC is a global company and the trainees have a big part to play in it.

                              If you are looking for a company with great opportunities and the ability to develop its people then the TAC International Trainee Programme is a great place to start this journey.”

                              Karin Waldén - trainee 2004/2005

                              Karin Waldén, trainee 2004/2005

                              “Upon my graduation from university I attended a seminar given by a representative from TAC presenting the opportunity to join as an international trainee within Energy Solutions. I always knew I wanted to be active as a professional within the energy services industry, but having followed the TAC Energy Solutions trainee program have meant so much more. The first year provided me with extensive training - both formal and on-the-job, real project exposure, networking and a taste of the international environment within TAC. From day one I realized that TAC would provide me endless opportunities to develop new skills as an energy professional, but as important work with talented and inspiring colleagues.

                              Today, I work as a team manager and project manager and I highly appreciate the entrepreneurial sprit and the level of trust that signifies my work environment. Looking back, I find that by being a trainee I have built a unique platform within TAC. By joining the trainee program you will get the chance to not only develop your outstanding career, but also meet interesting people in projects or in one of many social activities.”


                              Monika Schildknecht - trainee 2002/2003

                              Monika Schildknecht, trainee 2002/2003

                              “My time as a trainee included great fun and many unforgettable moments as well as it has been an outstanding start for my career at TAC. As a trainee you will enjoy many privileges, for example the ability to rotate and work in different positions at different departments. TAC is growing to be a more and more global company - as a trainee you can and should take advantage of it. My first period as a trainee introduced me to the new started business area Energy Solutions. I immediately loved this business idea, and Energy Solutions became the choice of career path for me.

                              Having completed the trainee program, I started as a project manager with Energy Solutions in TAC Sweden, managing the development and implementation of large energy performance contracts. After two years in this position I moved on to become responsible for the processes and tools used at Energy Solutions in Sweden and Europe. As part of the European Core Competence center for Energy Solutions in, I was heavily involved in the training and coaching of new employees. In 2006 I took on the responsibility for the European Trainee Program and have been running the program for the past three years. With my background of starting as a trainee myself, I greatly enjoy seeing the trainees grow and develop.

                              As of August this year, I have taken on a new responsibility – Energy University and TAC Training Manager at AB, in charge of coordinating and developing training on a global basis. The contact network from my time as a trainee, as well as the experience from working on the forefront of business development in Energy Solutions will be a great help in this new role, and I am excited and very positive to take on this new challenge.”


                              Arne Pedersen - trainee 2000/2001

                              Arne Pedersen, trainee 2000/2001

                              "As a new graduate student, I decided to look for job either as a Management Consultant or as an International Trainee. I ended up choosing TAC’s International Trainee program because of the international approach and because of the opportunity to work within different subsidiaries/business areas. I also felt that TAC was interested and ready to invest in my personal development to help me achieve my professional goals. This was an important issue for me in choosing which company to work for.

                              The trainee program gave me good insight into TAC’s business, created an international network and gave me a platform for continuously developing my skills. As a trainee you will be involved in daily operations and in concrete projects, and you’ll feel that your contribution matters ― you make a difference!

                              Today, I work as a Market Manager for Energy Solutions Europe and the knowledge and network I gained during the trainee program has been very useful for me. The people, culture and the spirit within TAC Energy Solutions is truly unique and working here will give you a good platform for your future development. Good luck!"