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In Unity 6.0 when configuring Quantum Hot standby system for Ethernet RIO it doesn’t show 140CRP31200 module in the hardware configuration.

The Hardware Catalog needs to be updated.The DTM for CRP31200 are already installed while installing the Unity Pro 6.0.
Just Update the Hardware catalog and reload it. It will show the 140CRP31200 module in the list.

Please follow below steps,
  1. Open a new project with 140 CPU67160
  2. Go to Tools-----> Hardware Catalog
  3. Open DTM Catalog tab from the bottom
  4. Press External Update toll button.
  5. Press Update button in the new FDT/DTM catalog and wait till it finishes.
  6. Press Reolad Catalog button from Hardware catalog screen
  7. Now you can ADD 140 CRP 312.
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