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Is it possible to configue a NTP service (Network Time Protocol) to adjust internal time of Zelio Logic.

It is possible to adjust the Zelio clock in Remote Mode:
1.Zelio Modbus and Ethernet Module
There are 4 clocks words(Registers address 0x0020 to 0x0023) to Read/Write the Zelio clock from a Master
Modbus or a Client Modbus TCP/IP.
2.Communication Modem via Interface (SR2COM01)
Laptop and Zelio Soft using a Modem(PSTN or GSM),it is possible to download the Zelio application and to
adjust the clock of Zelio Logic
Refer to attached resolution which describe the possibilities of a Modem connection
between ZelioSoft and a Zelio Logic module.

GSM :  Global System for Mobile Communications.
PSTN : Public Switched Telephone Network.
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