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What is the Function of RAM and EEPROM memory in Twido PLC.

There are two type of memory available in the controller:
  1. RAM memory
  2. EEPROM memory
RAM memory handles the Dynamic Words, %MWx, Program and Configuration Data. This is responsible to save the value of internal
variables, internal bits and words, timers, counters, shift registers, etc. all the execution of the application program is being handled by RAM only.
When user downloads the application program from PC to PLC it goes to PLC RAM. If the option Auto save RAM => EEPROM is checked then
whenever PC is being disconnected then program in RAM is automatically saved to EEPROM.
The RAM memory is being backed up by Internal or External Battery (if present). If the RAM battery goes off or RAM memory corrupted the all
the application program that is to be executed by PLC is being restored from EEPROM to RAM automatically. But if the Data value is not
saved (By user or Application Program) it will get initialized because EEPROM is having all the data value to 0 until data value is not backed
up by RAM memory.
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