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Can user install a potentiometer, part number SZ1RV1202 in Harmony XACA Pendant Control Station Enclosure.

There are two reasons preventing a potentiometer, part number SZ1RV1202,from being installed inHarmony XACA Pendant 
Control Station Enclosure

1.An SZ1RV1202 potentiometer requires a 10.5 mm drill hole for installation, whereas the XACA enclosure has a 22.2 mm drill hole.
2.The intermediate metal contact fixing plate does not leave enough space below the front panel for the potentiometer body.

The solution is to use XACB or XACM boxes with ZB5AD912 (6mm potentiometer shaft)or ZB5AD922(6.35mm,1/4" shaft). 

It is necessary for the user to supply the potentiometer as it is not supplied with the heads. The potentiometer should be 2.2K Ohm linear,
with a shaft length of 45 to 50mm. A rating of 2 Watts is recommended for VSD applications though 1/2 Watt or more should be fine and
will be much more compact.
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