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Does Harmony XVB/XVE Tower Lights suitable for outdoor use.

Harmony XVB Range Tower Light is NEMA 4X "indoor" according to UL508, so it is not "outdoor use" according to UL508
rules and even for the XVBC9** buzzer unit.
According to IEC60529,Harmony XVB Tower Lights are IP65 or IP66 degree of protection according to the mounting.Such degree
of protection is not enough to use the product for outdoor applications with direct exposure to water(Rain), wind and Sun(Ultraviolet Rays).
If Harmony XVB Tower Lights are used at outdoor,these have to be protected or replaced frequently.
Harmony XVE Optimum Range  Tower Lights provides efficient signalling (5 colours available) medium range distances (30 meter)in both indoor
and outdoor environments.
The standard configuration of the beacons and indicator banks is an IP 42 degree of protection, which is sufficient for
the majority of indoor applications. Both the IP 42 pre-configured beacons and indicator banks can be upgraded to IP 54 by using a sealing kit .
Depending on the indicator bank base unit selected, it is possible to achieve an IP 54 degree of protection for outdoor usage.
For Example for Outdoor application,user can consider reference XVE C21P( Base unit and Cover, Outdoor(IP54),Base unit
with seal+ screw fixing cover + kit comprising 5 seals for lens units and buzzer   + 1 seal for fixing base XVE Z13.
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