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What are the built-in RTU Protocol and Function available in M340 -Unity Pro 5.0 Platform

M340 offers two module references for RTU.
1.) BMX NOR 0200 (for normal environment)
2.) BMX NOR 0200H (for Harsh environment)
RTU communications on Ethernet port and Serial port:
1.) Upstream Communication with the SCADA
2.) Downstream Communication with other RTU Stations and Field Devices
3.) Management of Modems (Serial & Ethernet)
4.) Modem Standby Function (ADSL < > GPRS)
Built-in RTU Protocols:
1.) Multi Protocol capabilities
2.) DNP3 Serial (Master / Slave)
3.) DNP3 IP   (Client / Server)
4.) IEC 60870-5-101 (Master / Slave)
5.) IEC 60870-5-104 (Client / Server)
6.) Modbus TCP
Built-in RTU Functions:
1.) Data logging with Time stamping inside module SD card
2.) Email / SMS notifications
3.) Web server   for setup, diagnostic and monitoring
4.) NTP Client, FTP server / Client, SNMP agent
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