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  • Choose an intelligent switchboard solution to improve productivity and efficiency

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Up to 15% energy saving, up to 90% fewer motor burn-outs and 24/7 visibility of energy use and power quality Gaining the knowledge and control needed to make smarter energy decisions is as easy as choosing the totally reinvented Okken intelligent switchboard solution.

For decades, organizations worldwide have trusted high quality, low voltage switchboards from Schneider Electric to provide around-the-clock safety and performance that keeps their operations running at peak efficiency. Energy is the lifeblood of virtually every organization, and in a world constantly striving to make better use of limited resources, improving energy efficiency and ensuring power system continuity is smart business practice. Real time power system intelligence is the key to helping protect electrical infrastructures and reduce energy related costs. Gaining the knowledge and control needed to make smarter energy decisions is as easy as choosing the totally reinvented Okken intelligent switchboard solution.

Intelligent control and distribution technology is the foundation of exceptional switchboard performance

Decades of experience in the fields of power distribution and motor control gives us insights into all aspects of electrical network management. This expertise is engineered into each plug and play energy monitoring, motor control and power factor correction solution built into Okken intelligent low voltage switchboards. Working together, or as standalone devices and systems, they offer the technology and capability needed to improve reliability, productivity and energy efficiency. The range includes:

  • MotorSys intelligent power and motor control center (iPMCC) provides advanced fault prevention, protection and automatic restarting to boost productivity, improve energy efficiency and reduce downtime.
  • Altivar variable speed drives and progressive starters extend equipment life and reduce energy consumption.
  • Masterpact Compact NS and Compact NSX circuit breakers provide circuit protection and control.
  • Quantum, Premium, M340, and M580 programmable logic controllers supply process automation and control capabilities.
  • PowerLogic energy and power quality meters contribute to improved energy efficiency and power quality.
  • TeSys relays, controllers and motor management systems offers protection and monitoring.
  • Energy server Com’X 200 centralizes data for smart connection and monitoring of Okken accessories.
  • POI (Power Outage Insight) adds intelligent outage prevention, plus safe, quick power restoration for maintenance operations.
Working in concert with intelligent accessories, Okken switchboards provide the power system information and control capabilities needed to operate processes more efficiently and reliably. 

Comprehensive power system visibility enables Operations staff to remotely or locally monitor parameters and status in order to manage motor operation, trace problems, optimize control, identify trends and troubleshoot problems before they result in costly downtime.

Better energy efficiency is only the beginning

In addition to helping boost power system reliability and productivity, intelligent accessories such as progressive starters and variable speed drives can synchronize motor operation to load capacity, reducing peak energy consumption by 50% or more. Reactive power compensation and thermal withstand abilities can also dramatically improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity bills. Integration of reliable iPMCC communication architecture further supports and optimizes energy management.

Equipping an Okken switchboard with intelligent accessories is easy and seamless because they work as one, providing mix and match flexibility, while enabling organizations to add capabilities as their needs grow. Clever design and engineering combines with standardized, nonproprietary protocols, mounting dimensions, interfaces and connectors to help keep installation, maintenance and inventory costs low. Schneider Electric experts are also available to customize unique energy efficiency and motor control solutions to fulfill one of a kind application requirements.

Modernized and improved from the ground up

Organizations achive maximum efficiency and cost benefits when intelligent accessories are paired with a high quality, precision engineered and manufactured switchboard solutions like Okken. With over 100,000 units installed around the world, they have proven themselves in demanding environments for decades. When redesigning them for the 21st century, Schneider Electric engineers leveraged key historical Okken switchboard advantages:

  • Compliance to IEC 61439-1&2 standards.
  • Enhanced continuity and availability for more reliable operations.
  • Superior internal arc withstand and safe live parts protection.
  • Specific anti-corrosion treatments and protection degrees, plus high durability versions for unique industry requirements.
  • Outstanding compactness, modularity and weight to boost flexibility.
  • High quality and smart engineering to ease maintenance and reduce ownership costs.

The features, performance and support that come with every Okken intelligent switchboard solution makes them stand apart from ordinary power distribution and motor control switchboards. Adding intelligence makes it even easier for organizations to realize a faster return on investment while streamlining their operations and improving energy efficiency for many years to come.

Discover more about all the advantages of choosing Okken intelligent switchboards and watch how they master the most demanding conditions.
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