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    • Get strategic about energy cost!

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    Extreme weather conditions. Economic impacts. Regulations. Supply shortages. These and other factors can make energy prices fluctuate noticeably, affecting your budget and business strategy. Fortunately, unmanaged energy cost is an unnecessary risk that can be mitigated with the right approach to energy cost management.

    Procure energy intelligently
    Proactive, strategic energy cost management services, supported by StruxureWare™ Resource Advisor software, can yield both immediate and long-term cost savings, as well as improved operational and energy efficiencies. Specifically, you can optimize how you make energy hedging decisions, choose suppliers, scope energy-efficiency projects, and manage energy supply more proactively. Schneider Electric™ Supply and Sustainability Service can:

    1. 1. Help companies better understand energy markets and energy procurement options
    2. 2. Negotiate the lowest energy rates
    3. 3. Identify and eliminate billing errors, over-charges, and hidden fees
    1. 4. Navigate the different regulations governing energy costs by location
    2. 5. Monitor and manage energy consumption and efficiency via demand-side metering and monitoring of KPIs

    With Schneider Electric Supply and Sustainability Services and Resource Advisor software on your side, you can view energy and sustainability issues strategically, eliminating the unnecessary risk of unmanaged energy cost.

    Business-wise, Future-driven.™

    Energy information within easy reach
    Schneider Electric StruxureWare Resource Advisor enables you to instantly access your energy and environmental information to:

    • Know your energy spend
    • Manage projects and scenarios
    • Track performance
    • Monitor the markets
    • Control your environmental impact

    Learn more about strategic energy procurement services and software.
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