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    • How critical are power solutions in a water and wastewater plant?

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    How critical are power solutions in a water and wastewater plant?

    Inside water and wastewater treatment plants, mechanical pumps and automated machine parts are at the highest risk of becoming damaged during power loss. And critical data can simply become corrupted or disappear. Whether customized or turnkey options are required, Schneider Electric™ critical power experts can build single phase and three phase UPS solutions to enable water and wastewater plant operators to:

    • Make water safe for human consumption
    • Comply with governmental regulations
    • Meet high customer standards
    • Improve operational performance

    Ensure electrical power uptime at water plants.More than 50 percent of U.S.-based water treatment plants use UV technology to disinfect drinking water. They are required to meet specific Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, such as the UV Disinfection Guideline which includes data on proper UV light dose measurement.

    While the Non Spec Allowance rule enables plants to halt water treatment operations in case of power outages, the reality is that water is too important a resource to cease treatment, even for the brief time required the backup generators to sync due to the additional time required to bring the UV lamps up to full intensity and functionality.

    Typical electrical installations at water plants face downtime risks due to voltage sags. Schneider Electric provides wide-ranging solutions to heighten power quality and optimize productivity at water plants, as well as:

    Mitigate risks. Power problems like voltage sags, power outages, transients, and harmonics are all guilty of bringing electrical and automation systems down. The right power architecture includes integrated UPS to minimize these risks from occurring. Ensure continuous service operability. Proactive maintenance is a key in water plant electrical installations. For example, changing lamps in a timely fashion is recommended when their output has degraded. Boost system productivity. Integrated power architecture solutions offer the highest levels of productivity in the industry to streamline processes and help plants to improve revenue and profitability. Maximize operational safety. Safety is a top operational priority and plays a key role in improving the lifetime of installations, while keeping people safe. Experience. Schneider Electric experts are available today to help design and implement UPS solutions to improve your operations, and your peace of mind.

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