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    • How one city got smarter about energy use

    Upper view of small city
    How one city got smarter about energy use

    Visitors to Boulder, Colorado are impressed by the city’s striking beauty and dedication to protecting the environment. In a recent vote, the community decided to fund the research to determine if municipalizing its electric utility would help Boulder achieve a smarter grid. Key drivers behind this initiative included reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and increased use of renewable energy throughout the city.

    “The environment is very important to Boulder residents,” says Heather Bailey, Executive Director, Energy Strategy & Electric Utility Development for the City of Boulder, Colorado. “Climate change is a big concern and people in Boulder take it very seriously. They not only want to change Boulder, but also have an impact on the rest of the world.”

    Preparing for the future
    As the city put together a team, the search commenced for a partner experienced in planning for the future. Compromising reliability or risking quality electrical supply to the community was not an option. “We wanted a partner that was not used to just working with the status quo but that could really help us think about that future,” says Bailey. “And that partner is Schneider Electric™.”

    Today, Schneider Electric is helping Boulder build a roadmap focusing on:

    • Infrastructure: planning and structuring to meet future energy goals like increased localized generation
    • Energy efficiency: promoting energy efficiency programs and maximizing demand response management
    • Innovation: fostering new technologies to meet the changing needs of the community

    Service is a key factor
    In today’s fast-paced mobile technology world, people expect more options and flexible service. That’s why Schneider Electric is helping Boulder to build an energy-as-a-service platform so that residents can choose how and when they use their electricity. For example, if a homeowner wants to limit their electricity use to 940 kilowatt hours a month or use their electric vehicle as a battery, Schneider Electric devices make these scenarios possible for them.

    And when it comes to service, Schneider Electric is fully dedicated to meeting the needs of the city of Boulder. “If I had to describe Schneider Electric in three words, it would be service, innovation, and diligence,” says Bailey.

    Watch a short video of the Boulder city story.
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