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    • How to conserve resources from the emergency room to the executive office

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    Schneider Electric enables hospitals to see, measure, and manage their entire infrastructure.

    In today’s economy, keeping your hospital financially healthy without risking patient safety is a daunting task. In addition to the still-recovering global economy, healthcare facilities face several challenges: rising costs and budget constraints, new environmental and regulatory requirements, and an ageing and rapidly growing global population.

    At the same time, healthcare facilities are focused on delivering a high quality of patient care that prevents infections, maintains security, and ensures patient and staff safety — all while their resources, financial and energy-based, are extremely stretched.

    Operate more efficiently, save energy,and optimize productivity
    As the second most energy-intensive buildings after restaurants, hospitals require energy 24/7 — and it doesn’t come cheap. Energy costs already represent one to five per cent of the average hospital’s total operating budget and are expected to rise dramatically as more technology, patients, and data centres are introduced to facilities.

    With the rapid growth of emerging economies and steadily increasing demand of limited energy supplies, the cost of energy itself is also on the rise, which will only erode operating margins further. In order to maintain or improve the financial health of their facilities, healthcare organizations must do more with less by reducing their energy use without compromising quality of care.

    The key to achieving this balance is through energy management. Only StruxureWare™ for Healthcare software suite brings your entire healthcare infrastructure to your fingertips so you can see and track your energy use, reduce waste, and optimize the energy you do use, resulting in up to 30 per cent in energy savings.

    StruxureWare for Healthcare is a powerful, intelligent software suite that provides access to the information you need quickly and easily on a common user interface. As a scalable, comprehensive software solution, StruxureWare for Healthcare manages the data from your building, power, IT, and security systems across your facility’s campus to maximize business performance and improve infrastructure efficiency.

    Eliminate theft and ensure occupant safety and comfort
    With large campuses and open-door environments, it’s no surprise that healthcare facilities lose 10 per cent of their assets each year to theft, according to Joint Commission reports. Through integration with real-time location systems (RTLS), StruxureWare for Healthcare can not only help you reduce theft of hospital equipment, but also increase patient and staff safety, maximize asset utilization, optimize workflow and processes, and monitor temperature and humidity.

    For example, through integration with RTLS systems and wireless networks, StruxureWare for Healthcare enables nursing staff to quickly and easily locate medical equipment — drastically reducing the amount of time nurses spend tracking down equipment. This same technology can be used to help hospitals save money by improving asset utilization and reducing costs associated with lost or overstocked equipment.

    Bring your entire healthcare infrastructure to your fingertips
    With StruxureWare for Healthcare software suite and EcoStruxure architecture, Schneider Electric™ is the only infrastructure solution provider that enables hospitals to see, measure, and manage their entire hospital infrastructure.

    In addition, we test, validate, and document all our integrated solutions in a dedicated Healthcare StruxureLab, so that you can rest assured your solutions will work as promised.

    With our global experience, healthcare expertise, advanced technology, and dedication, we help hospitals improve their environment of care and financial health through energy savings and improved infrastructure efficiency.

    Schneider Electric is your trusted advisor and can help customize the StruxureWare for Healthcare software suite to meet your organization’s unique needs.

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