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    • How to maintain uptime in critical health departments

    Premature baby in incubator, healthcare solutions
    Comprehensive UPS healthcare solutions help to ensure baby care unit systems are operational during power disruptions.

    Schneider Electric™ UPS units for healthcare systems enable healthcare providers to protect people and assets, while ensuring clean power generation under the most difficult of circumstances. In the event of a utility power malfunction, these solutions immediately provide alternate power generation during the period that the generator backs up power, allowing enough run-time to relocate critical services if necessary.

    Compliant solutions to help protect lives

    When highly critical applications in healthcare settings become inoperable, the health and safety of patients are put at risk. Reliable UPS solutions maintain uptime for equipment such as CT scanners, MRIs, and other medical appliances in operating rooms and units critical to keeping patients alive and healthy in most any circumstance.

    International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards mandate the installation of UPS equipment in departments that are deemed critical, including:

    • Baby care units. In baby care departments, the impact of a power outage can lead to loss of life. For example, babies born prematurely are at higher risk because they depend on life-sustaining equipment. Therefore, UPS is necessary in these units to back power up, maintain a healthy temperature, and keep relevant baby data accessible to nurses and doctors.
    • Intensive care unit. The intensive care unit has a higher priority of ensuring patient safety than most other units. Proper, highly reliable UPS solutions are essential because patients recuperating from complex surgeries are connected to monitoring systems and analyzing units, which help physicians and nurses to make accurate decisions in terms of medicines, next steps, and overall care.

    Schneider Electric UPS healthcare solutions are highly reliable and designed to conform to best practices, including Joint Commission certification. And Schneider Electric UPS designers and engineers can customize single phase through three phase UPS solutions that meet the highest standards of the healthcare industry and unique needs of individual healthcare facilities.

    Schneider Electric UPS healthcare solutions are highly reliable and designed to conform to best practices.

    Visit our healthcare page and find customer testimonial videos that feature the Schneider Electric UPS solutions for critical health departments.
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