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  • Las Vegas casino upgrades video security

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Treasure Island relies on cutting-edge Pelco by Schneider Electric video security solutions “We know this investment will last for years to come.” — Kim Smith, Director of Surveillance Treasure Island

Treasure Island (TI) hotel and casino welcomes thousands of visitors each day, presenting its security and surveillance teams with the arduous demands experienced only by casinos of its stature on the world-renowned Las Vegas Strip.

To meet strict government regulations and protect the casino’s assets, guests, and employees, TI upgraded its video security system to a Pelco™ by Schneider Electric™ virtual matrix made possible by an Endura™ 2.0 IP video management system (VMS). The powerful system is equipped with 1,400 channels of the industry’s leading digital recording and can quickly and easily expand to include thousands more.

Realizing the benefits of IP video security:

  • Instant responsiveness allows for live tracking
  • Larger data storage capacity meets requirements
  • Integration of third-party cameras
  • Scalable system makes future expansion easy
  • Built-in redundancies for 24/7 operation
  • Smaller footprint maximizes workspace
  • Efficiency enables quick return on investment

A reliable, future-proof investment
Surveillance Systems Integration (SSI) of Roseville, Calif. installed the Endura IP VMS, along with new operator consoles and video walls that enable surveillance operators to control cameras, call up video, and perform live tracking of people and events around the clock.

TI Director of Surveillance Kim Smith selected Endura because its open platform allowed the casino to integrate its existing third-party cameras, while the scalability of the system will allow for the addition of IP-based, high definition cameras. Additionally, the innovative Endura solution provides TI with unmatched fault tolerance and system integrity.

Technology enables business efficiency 
The Endura installation resulted in immediate return on investment for TI by eliminating the hours of manpower that were required to conduct tape changes and maintain the VCR-based recording infrastructure that was used previously. Removing the VCR racks also resulted in increased space in the surveillance rooms.

“SSI exceeded expectations in their design, budget, and use of the latest Pelco technology in our system,” Smith said. “We know this investment will last for years to come.” 

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