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    • Maximizing space with your electrical room installation

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    While electrical rooms may not be top of mind in construction, they can be a hot spot of labor inefficiencies and space requirements. The more space required for an electrical room, the less square footage available for more valuable and revenue generating areas of the business.

    The list of equipment necessary can be long: panels, transformers, conduits, wiring, fittings, and more. Installation time can be intense, running into days instead of hours and involving multiple warehouse trips and additional on-site materials costs.

    Now there is a simple solution that can save valuable time and space, as well as a lot of hassle. Square D™ Integrated Equipment is a factory assembled and pre-wired single, enclosure system for panels, transformers, and even building controls. This integrated approach requires less conduit, fittings, and feeder cables, minimizing on-site installation time and materials costs. Plus, it reduces electrical room space requirements by 40%.

    An electrical room equipped with integrated equipment enables you to:

    • Make room for future expansions and additional distribution equipment
    • Maximize retail and operational space by reducing electrical room size
    • Complete project builds faster: meet deadlines, save time and money
    • Gain LEED Points
    • Optimize electrical distribution in less space
    • Achieve a cleaner, less messy look and improve aesthetics
    • Work within project structural and size constraints without expensive expansions
    • Save labor and additional on-site materials costs

    By installing one single enclosure piece instead of 30, Square D™ Integrated Equipment can save time, space, and hassle in your electrical room build, helping you complete projects ahead of schedule and with maximum efficiency.

    Learn more about saving time and space in the electrical room. Watch a fun video and see how Dan the Man uses Square D Integrated Equipment!
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