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    • Smart Panel makes energy data visible as the first step to energy efficiency in buildings

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    Get a clearer picture of where, when, and how your building resources are consumed The Smart Panel delivers real-time metrics for making informed, cost-effective decisions about your buildings’ total energy usage. 20% of a building’s operating cost is for energy consumption

    Buildings consume nearly 40% of the energy demand in most countries*. The boom in the construction industry, coupled with rising expectations for indoor comfort, have resulted in residential, commercial, and public buildings using up more energy resources than the transportation segment. Across the world, governments have introduced regulations for buildings to curb their environmental impact.

    Regulatory compliance aside, energy-optimizing actions bring long-term financial gains. The Smart Panel energy management solution from Schneider Electric™ is already helping small to medium-sized buildings meet their environmental and operational goals. At the core of Schneider Electric energy efficiency solutions is the principle that “you can only manage what you measure.” Measuring is one of the fundamental functions of the Smart Panel.

    The technologies you can depend on

    Over the last ten years, Schneider Electric has revolutionized low voltage switchboard technology by creating the Smart Panel to simplify energy efficiency actions. It automates the collection of WAGES readings at the source to eliminate the errors and effort of manual tracking. It also performs cross-referencing of usage by type (lighting, heating, hot water, AC, etc.) with usage by zones (offices, storage, car park, etc.) to give a clear picture of where, when, and how resources are consumed.

    Key components help Smart Panel make energy management simpler, safer, and more efficient. Protection and control is provided by innovative ACBs, MCCBs, MCBs, and DIN-rail mounted control units. Energy meters deliver a variety of parameters, immediately visible through local display units. Smart, modular data loggers support detailed historical analysis, while communication interfaces enable remote monitoring.

    Available, reliable, secure data

    Smart Panel is also supported by Energy Operation hosted software, a secure cloud-based energy management information that centralizes the data from the Smart Panel so that the right information reaches the right people at the right time for informed actions.

    * Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Business Realities and Opportunities, WBCSD, 2009

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