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    • Top 5 ways our Channel Partner Program can improve your business

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    The benefits of joining the Partner Program range from expert education to financial incentives

    The challenges faced by resellers are never ending. Trends show that traditional product sales are declining while managed services are increasing. New technology — virtualization, cloud computing, colocation — is changing what your customers require and creating new opportunities you need to be ready to pursue. Meanwhile, concerns about energy costs and efficiency continue to multiply.

    Five reasons to get involved
    You need someone in your corner, ready to work with you no matter how your marketplace changes. To that end, we are continuously evolving our Channel Partner Program, which is now a more flexible, better targeted program that includes additional solutions and services. Our program structure allows you to be certified in specialized areas that truly fit your business and improves your ability to attract and develop new customers. Here are five reasons you should get more involved in our Partner Program:

    1. With access to multiple certifications and updated trainings, your employees can offer better portion value, extend your offer, and create additional credibility.
    1. With different types of certifications available, you gain the flexibility to choose how and when you add value when delivering solutions.
    2. With multiple ways to grow through certification, you gain increased ability to move up through the program levels and access additional benefits.
    3. Being able to better target your opportunities to your own business practices means fewer risks and more possibility of maximum profit.
    4. With full access to all of the Schneider Electric™ IT products and some non-IT products available today, you gain increased business opportunities and easier access to new customers.

    Getting involved in the Partner Program gives you access to free training and other incentives such as easy-to-access sales and marketing tools, opportunity programs, and rewards points. Join in today to see what new business you can gain.

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