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    • Utility leverages advanced network integration to implement Smart Grid strategy

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    Telvent’s Project Manager Mladen Petrovic with Unison’s Information Management Business Solutions Manager, Gerrit van Ash.

    Unison Networks Limited — trading as Unison, owns designs, manages and operates a leading New Zealand electricity network. The network spans over 5,600 miles (9,000 km) and supplies over 108,000 connected customers with approximately 1,678 GWh of electricity per year.

    Unison’s Chief Executive, Ken Sutherland, required a solution to better address customer power availability needs while serving as a foundation for future smart grid development.

    Sutherland decided to partner with Telvent, a Schneider Electric company, in order to build a solution that incorporates a SCADA system, a Distribution Management System (DMS) and an Outage Management System (OMS). Combined, these technologies ensure that Unison’s power network becomes the first utility in New Zealand to implement an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS).

    Flexibility and reliability are key benefits“The Telvent system is regarded as one of the leading network management applications globally. It provides us with an innovative toolset capable of supporting our long term Smart Grid strategy, as well as providing our engineering teams with an enhanced set of visual, analytical, and control functionality,” said Sutherland.

    “When we spoke to Telvent, we were pleased to hear that many of the ‘added-extras’ which we wanted were actually considered as standard for the Telvent system. They were also very flexible in their approach and willing to customize the system to meet our needs,” he said.

    The system processes and incorporates real-time data from the field, forecasts load demand, as well as supporting outage response capabilities by identifying the fault location. The system can be accessed remotely, allowing field engineers to use their smart tablets, smart phones or laptops to pull up a map of the network and see where a line fault or action item is.

    “When we form a partnership with a company, it is important for us to know who is behind them. Schneider Electric ownership of Telvent brings with it confidence for us that we can maintain this partnership well into the future,” said Sutherland.

    Learn more about the Telvent system and other Schneider Electric solutions.
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    Learn more about the Telvent system and other Schneider Electric solutions.
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