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  • What makes a great airport experience?

Airport security
Schneider Electric offers a broad portfolio of dedicated services to ensure reliable implementation and operation of the key critical applications of your airport.

What characteristics do great airports share? For the well-traveled professional, convenience and service are keys to pleasurable airport experiences. But someone with a phobia of flying may have other priorities on their list to achieve peace of mind. In any scenario, however, two characteristics are absolute must-haves for successful operations and customer satisfaction: reliability and security.

Today, airports all over the globe are leveraging Schneider Electric™ total airport solutions and expert services to maximize reliability and security of their mission-critical systems and power infrastructure, 24/7.

The marks of airport excellence
There’s more than meets the eye in every airport. Not everything in your facility is visible, particularly the underlying infrastructure consisting of energy systems for lighting, building, power, and cooling management. But because airports never close, continuity of energy supply to the following two platforms is essential to providing seamless and safe airport operations

  • Technical Platforms — Include the control tower and associated radar systems for traffic control and airfield ground lighting systems that guide the airplanes during takeoff and landing
  • Commercial Platforms — Passenger terminal systems, luggage handling systems, flight information panels, security scanners, and security video systems

Translating secure power into business benefits
As hubs for people from different countries, airports can present language barriers for visitors, which can cause stress and anxiety. A sense of comfort and security matters 
most to them; your electric energy infrastructure should facilitate that.

Schneider Electric can help you deliver enjoyable customer experiences by ensuring your airport infrastructure reaches the highest level of availability and service operability, while providing you with peace of mind. And through advanced energy monitoring and management capabilities, you can uncover energy savings across lighting, building, power, and cooling systems. Business-wise, all this translates into lower operating costs and improved profitability.

Discover how APC™ by Schneider Electric total airport solutions can provide guaranteed availability for your mission-critical systems.
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