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    • What you need to make a sustainable solar investment

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    With the right balance-of-system solution, a PV power plant can earn a great ROI.

    Whether you want to sell clean, high-quality energy or to use it for your own business, photovoltaic power is a smart investment. But to make a strong business case for a PV plant or large commercial solar installation, you need to consider its long-term sustainability. You also need to be confident of a good return on investment.

    To protect your investment and your business, choose reliable solar products and fully integrated solutions. And get them from a supplier that’s experienced, financially stable, and able to provide global support.

    Proven products and balance-of-system solutions  

    A balance-of-system solution integrates everything needed to efficiently distribute and manage locally generated solar energy, from panel DC output to the grid connection. A Schneider Electric™ balance-of-system solution typically includes the following:

    • PV Box: an optimized power conversion system that can be fully tailored for specific needs or deployed as a standard solution brick, reducing installation time and costs.
    • Conext Core XC grid-tie inverters: the core of the PV power conversion system, a 3-phase inverter with best-in-class peak efficiency (98.9%) and fully configurable grid-interactive features.
    • Array Boxes: a robust string combiner box that enables the connection of multiple PV module strings while protecting and monitoring the installation.
    • Grid-tie Substations: an HV or MV substation that ties the installation to the grid in compliance with local codes and regulations.
    • Conext Control monitoring and control solution: a single, standardized solution that integrates process, supervision, and monitoring functions. It provides real-time production data and trend analysis for harvest optimization, along with remote diagnostics and control for reduced intervention costs.

    A worldwide leader in solar solutions 
    Perhaps most important is finding the right supplier, one that offers long-term support. Schneider Electric has been in business for over 177 years and manufacturing solar inverters since 1999 — among the longest in the market. Add to that a global service network and local product availability, and you get a trusted partner for sustainable solar projects.

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