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  • Why monitoring is not enough for your solar investment

Businessman working at computer, energy management software, big data analytics.

Solar investors have traditionally focused on monitoring the status and performance of their installations. But, as the solar industry matures, it’s clear that monitoring alone is no longer enough.

Why? The growth of grid-tied renewable power is one reason. Integrating more intermittent renewable energy into power grids requires a new level of control. Solar installations operating without advanced control features will be taking significant — and unnecessary — risks.

Also, basic monitoring doesn’t give you all the data you need or the tools to analyze it. Better data and analysis tools help you understand the long-term variations which can affect a PV power plant, degrade its performance, and put your return on investment at risk.

What to look for in a monitoring solution
When considering a monitoring solution for a power plant or other large PV installation, keep a few things in mind. First of all, the solution should not only monitor your power plant, but also let you control it and track its performance over the long term.

To accomplish this, the solution should cover the entire balance of system, from the DC string level to the grid connection, including inverters, transformers, switchgear status, auxiliary consumption, and meteorological sensors. Gathering data from the inverters alone won’t give you a full picture of system performance.

The monitoring and control solution also needs to be flexible and scalable. The software must be powerful yet intuitive, to boost operator efficiency without sacrificing functionality.
Finally, it’s vital to be able to capture key information generated by the PV system and to analyze it. This enables clear identification of production losses and assessment of responsibility, as well as long-term trend analysis.
A best-in-class solution
As a leader in the solar industry, Schneider Electric™ understands the challenges facing large PV installation owners and operators. That’s where Conext™ Control comes in.
A best-in-class solution, Conext Control lets operators monitor and control system performance in real time, on-site or remotely, from string to grid. Meanwhile, owners can monitor energy generation and financial indicators. Together, this means greater visibility of the ROI and long-term protection of the investment.

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